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Results For Salamanca Listings

Old City of Salamanca, Unesco Site, Sala

This ancient university town north-west of Madrid was first Conquered by the Carthaginians in the 3rd century BC It became a Roman then a settlement before being ruled by the Moors Until the 11th century.

mapMarkerGrey Calle Pozo Amarillo, 1, 37001 ...

Catedral Vieja, Salamanca, Spain

The Old Cathedral is one of two cathedrals in Salamanca, Spain, the other being the New Cathedral of Salamanca.

mapMarkerGrey Calle Tentenecio, 1, 37008 Sal...

Main Square, Salamanca, Spain

The Plaza Mayor (English Main Plaza) in Salamanca, Spain is a large plaza located in the center of Salamanca, used as a public square.

mapMarkerGrey Pje. Caja de Ahorros, 21, 3700...

Paseo del Doctor Torres Villarroel, Sala

He was the son of a bookseller of Salamanca. He was baptized on June 18, 1694. He described himself as blond and blue - eyed and handsome, "more German than catadura Castilian or extremeño" and as brash, outgoing and approachable person.

mapMarkerGrey Paseo del Doctor Torres Villar...

Plaza Mayor, Salamanca, Spain

It was built in the traditional Spanish baroque style and is a popular gathering area. It is lined by restaurants, ice cream parlors, tourist shops, jewelry stores.

mapMarkerGrey Pje. Caja de Ahorros, 21, 3700...

Casa de las Conchas, Salamanca, Spain

The Casa de las Conchas is a historical building in Salamanca, central Spain. It currently houses a public library.

mapMarkerGrey Calle Antigua, 64, 37002 Salam...

Convent of St. Stephen, Salamanca, Spain

The Convento de San Esteban is a Dominican monastery situated in the Plaza del Concilio de Trento in the city of Salamanca.

mapMarkerGrey Convento de San Estéban, 3700...

University of Salamanca,  Salamanca, Sp

The University of Salamanca is a Spanish higher education institution, located in the town of Salamanca, west of Madrid, in the autonomous community of Castile and León.

mapMarkerGrey Calle Cardenal Pla y Deniel, 1...