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Alhambra, Unesco Site, Granada, Spain

The Alhambra, the complete Arabic form of which was Qalat Al-Hamra, is a palace and fortress complex

mapMarkerGrey Plaza España A, 6, 13248 Alham...

Castle Lorca Fortaleza del Sol, Murcia,

Located in Murcia Province, Lorca Castle was designed to be a defensive fortress. This concept worke

mapMarkerGrey Castle Lorca Fortaleza del Sol...

Castillo de Coca, Segovia, Spain

Coca Castle is unique among Spanish castles It has only three sides since it is built into a hillsid

Castle of La Mota, Valladolid, Spain

Castle of La Mota is a reconstructed fortress with roots dating back to the 11th century. Over the c

mapMarkerGrey Castle of La Mota, Valladolid,...

Castell de Bellver, Illes Balears, Spain

Travelers who want to visit Bellver Castle must first get themselves to Majorca, an island off the c

mapMarkerGrey Castell de Bellver, Illes Bale...

Castillo Viejo de Manzanares el Real,  M

The New Castle of Manzanares el Real presents an imposing picture as this 15th century fortress is o

The Monumental Ensemble of the Alcazaba,

Located in southern Spain, the Alcazaba of Almeria is a fortress that sits on a hill overlooking the

mapMarkerGrey Almería, Spain ...

Castillo de Peñafiel, Valladolid, Spain

As castles go, Peñafiel Castle is long, about 150 meters (490 feet), as it sits on a hill in the tow

mapMarkerGrey Carretera Subida al Castillo, ...

Alcázar de Segovia, Segovia, Spain

The Alcazar of Segovia doesn’t fit the mold of most castles in Spain, which were constructed as fort